By Charlotte Ellemose Sonne on Thursday, 15 June 2017
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Press release: Interacoustics takes Micromedical VisualEyes 2.0 VNG software to the next level with rotational chair testing

Interacoustics, which prides itself by being one of the leading balance specialists in the field, has upgraded their current VisualEyesTM VNG software to include rotational chair testing, adding even more benefits for the modern balance clinic.

The new VisualEyesTM 515/525 software now supports a wide range of rotational chair tests, such as sinusoidal harmonic acceleration, step test, VOR suppression test and visual VOR test. According to Interacoustics, rotational chair testing is still the gold standard procedure for evaluation of bilateral peripheral vestibular weaknesses.

New in VisualEyesTM version 2 version is also the implementation of report and findings templates, as well as integration of USB cameras that support Interacoustics goggles with side-mounted cameras. Both monocular and binocular configurations are available.

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