By Charlotte Ellemose Sonne on Friday, 08 December 2017
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New Viot Video Otoscope for high-quality images and video

Interacoustics is proud to announce the release of a new ViotTM video otoscope for sharp and high-resolution image and video capturing.

The ergonomic design of the new ViotTM makes it extremely easy to use and ensures a comfortable experience for the client.

90° angle view & one button control
The ViotTM is ready for use as soon as the image appears on the screen, and with only one button press, the user can make a full assessment of both ears without having to revert to the computer or screen.
With the convenient 90° angle view, it is possible to see both the ear drum and the lower part of the ear canal.

The ViotTM can be operated through the ViotTM Suite or directly from the Affinity2.0, Equinox2.0 and CallistoTM suites.
It is Windows® 10 compatible and offers integration with Noah and the Interacoustics OtoAccessTM database.

Watch the video here