By Charlotte Ellemose Sonne on Thursday, 15 June 2017
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New Video Frenzel solution from Interacoustics: Physiotherapists now have a powerful tool to diagnose dizzy patients

With the release of a new Video Frenzel software, the Micromedical VisualEyesTM 505 by Interacoustics, Interacoustics has opened the door to the physiotherapist market.

Interacoustics has worked in the field of balance for 15 years, and their current VF405 Video Frenzel was one of their first solutions in the vestibular field to hit the market. With their upgraded VisualEyesTM 505 software, they now focus even more on the physiotherapists who, according to Interacoustics, could benefit hugely in their clinics with the advantages and features of VisualEyesTM 505 that allow them to focus on the patient's needs.

Peter Brøndum, Director of Product Management says:

"Many vestibular patients see a physiotherapist because they are dizzy. That's why we see a huge potential for physiotherapists to invest in balance equipment. Our new VisualEyesTM 505 version offers touch capable user-friendly software that allows simple hands-free interaction for optimal care and support of dizzy patients. The ability to perform fixation-free observation and recording of nystagmus makes this solution a perfect fit for the physiotherapist, as well as others who are looking for a simple Video Frenzel solution."

In addition to fixation-free observation, recording of eye movements, room camera and customizable protocols, the new 505 software version also includes USB camera solutions.

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