By Charlotte Ellemose Sonne on Friday, 01 December 2017
Category: In news

NEW! Sera DPOAE module

Interacoustics announces the addition of DPOAE to the SeraTM, newborn hearing screening device. 

The DPOAE algorithm is derived from the many years of knowledge and experience gained with the Titan clinical version. It uses Bayesian weighted averaging to reduce test time and distortion product reliability calculation to ensure accurate DPOAE detection every time.

SeraTM now combines DPOAE, TEOAE and automated ABR screening in a single handheld rechargeable device. It is available with automated ABR only or as a combination of automated ABR and the OAE modules:

New options in the HearSIMTM database
SeraTM comes with the HearSIMTM database and this new release allows the user to view additional test information including result graphs and measurement data, in the database. 

HearSIMTM now offers data export to HiTrack, XML or txt file formats. Further, the new release gives the opportunity to create different user settings and permissions.