Interacoustics introduces new OAE and automated ABR screener


Denmark, May 2017: Interacoustics has announced the release of SeraTM, a new handheld OAE and automated ABR screening device.

Early identification of hearing loss is vital to ensure normal development of a child's speech, language and social competencies. Combining OAE and automated ABR screening in a single device, SeraTM offers the opportunity to easily and quickly detect a potential hearing loss in newborns, making it the perfect choice for any hearing screening program.

SeraTM offers an intuitive touch screen with easy-to-understand patient preparation instructions. After only a few button presses, the clinician is ready to begin testing. The lightweight SeraTM probe has been designed for newborn ears and ensures a super fit into even the smallest ears. The ABR screening utilizes proven CE-Chirp® stimuli and requires minimal tester training.

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You can read more about Sera here:

Leightweight OAE probe

The lightweight probe ensures a super fit into even the smallest of ears. Once the probe is placed, you can complete your OAE screening in seconds.

Ear-cups or inserts?

​Choose between ear-cups or inserts for your ABR screening. Both solutions are easy to use and your screening is completed in no time.

Safe and secure with electrodes

​The preparation guide in Sera shows you where and how to mount the electrodes safely and securely.

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