Did you know that you can do an objective and precise audiogram in less than 20 minutes using Interacoustics ASSR technology?


"These new features by Interacoustics follow on years of advanced research & development, providing significant improvement in all aspects of audiologic electrophysiology"

by Yvonne Sininger, PhD

For babies who are referred from newborn screening, it's essential that a possible hearing loss is precisely and quickly detected in order to establish the best possible rehabilitation plans for the baby.

When using the ASSR technology for a diagnostic assessment, all hearing care professionals (and families for that matter) are looking for fast and precise hearing threshold estimation. To make the threshold estimation faster and more reliable, Interacoustics reengineered the ASSR standard in close cooperation with leading scientists. This was done by changing the two most important parts of the ASSR system: the acoustic stimuli and the detection of neural responses.

Thanks to the revolutionary narrow band CE-Chirp®, the acoustic ASSR stimuli are now more efficient compared to traditional technology. The detection of neural responses has also improved, by using both phase and magnitude. Previously, only the phase OR the magnitude was used in the detection of a patient's neural response.

The ASSR generation II uses both phase and magnitude and even includes up to the 12th harmonic response for unmatched testing time and accuracy.

As a result of the narrow band CE-Chirp® and the dual response detection methods, hearing care professionals can now analyze 4 frequencies in both ears simultaneously, leading to fast and precisely estimated audiograms.

With ASSR generation II, it only takes 20 minutes or less to obtain a precise hearing threshold estimation. On top of that, the user can save the estimated audiogram directly to the Noah database so the hearing aid fitting can start immediately after. 

Learn more about Eclipse ASSR technology on our website, or watch the interview with Yvonne Sininger "The Gold Standard in ASSR"

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