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Performing Pressurized TEOAE Testing using the Handheld Unit

  1. Turn on Titan by pressing the R or L button.

  2. Select a tympanometry protocol (e.g., Tymp 226Hz) and record tympanometry measurements on the left and right ear.

  3. Save the tympanometry measurements to the handheld unit. Note: Tympanometry results do not need to be saved in order for the handheld unit to use the last recorded MEP data for pressurized OAE testing.

  4. Select a pressurized TEOAE protocol.

  5. Ensure the correct test ear is selected so that the correct MEP is used from the tympanometry test.

  6. Press the start button and record the OAE. Change ears and repeat.

  7. Save results on the handheld unit. 

Select a tymp protocol Record tympanograms Select a Pressurized TEOAE protocol Record & save TEOAE results

Note: Ensure that the Titan handheld unit is turned off between patients. The Titan handheld unit will always use the last recorded MEP measurements (right and left ear) for the pressurized OAE test.

November 2013
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