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Gufoni Maneuver for Left Lateral Canal BPPV

Vestibular Diagnosis and Treatment
A Physical Therapy Approach

Start with patient sitting up.

Rapidly move to a Side-lying position.

Quickly position head at a 45 degree angle with nose
pointing down.

Helpful Hints:

  • Before performing any form of positioning maneuver, it is important to ascertain whether the patient has current or past injuries of the neck or spine
  • If any neurological symptoms occur during the execution of positioning maneuvers, discontinue the procedure IMMEDIATELY and refer for neurological evaluation. These symptoms might include: blurred vision, numbness, weakness of the arms or legs or confusion.
  • This procedure is an alternative treatment for patients who cannot complete the Lempert 360o Roll, as well as for cases where an apogeotropic lateral canal variant may be present


  • Begin with the patient sitting on the edge of the examination table, facing the examiner
  • With a rapid motion, guide the patient into a side-lying position toward the affected side
  • While the patient is lying on his side, with a quick movement, turn the patient’s head to a 45o angle (so that the patient’s nose is pointing toward the table)
  • Hold this position for 2-3 minutes
  • Guide the patient back into a sitting position

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March 2017
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