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The Weber test distinguishes between conductive and sensor neural hearing loss through use of a bone conductor. Use the indications to show where the tone is perceived.

Required Accessories

Test procedure

  1. Press Tests – Weber to enter the Weber test screen.
  2. Place the bone conductor on the forehead of the patients and instruct them to tell you if the tones presented are heard better to the Right, left, Centre or not heard at all.
  3. Present a tone at a level of 10 dB above the worst BC. You can select whether you want a tone or Warble stimulus pressing the hardkey Tone/Warble on the device.
  4. Await response from the patient and click on the corresponding soft button.


Weber results
If the patient hears the tone better in the poorer ear, the hearing loss is conductive. If the tone is heard better in the better ear, the hearing loss is sensor neural at the given frequency. 

June 2016
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