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Masking Help

Interacoustics masking help is available to make it easier to decide on a safe and correct masking intensity. When masking help is activated, a status light on channel 2 indicates if masking is applied correctly. 

 Masking help is activated by selecting the icon with the mask.

 Grey indicates that the masking help is not active. Green indicates that masking is correctly applied. 

 Optionally, the masking help can give a suggested masking level. The example here shows that 85 dB, but also 75dB is within the safe masking range.

Amber indicates that masking is recommended differently. There is either too much or too little masking.

Purple indicates that masking would be recommended, but is not practically possible.

Note: The masking feature is only available in the Diagnostic Suite – and not on the audiometer as a standalone.

Because several masking intensities will usually be correct, experienced audiologists are recommended to use the masking help without displaying the recommended masking level.

When measuring the second ear, more information becomes available and it is not guaranteed that the earlier measurements are still correct. By measuring the best ear first and completing air conduction on both ears before measuring bone conduction, most errors can be avoided.

Clinicians do often not apply masking for bone conduction in the instance where the air-bone gap is less than 10dB in the better ear. Against general practice, masking help will always recommend that masking is needed in these cases.

June 2016
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