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OtoAccess® Database

Perform test

Disclaimer, all patient data is randomly generated for demonstration purposes.



  • Compatible equipment software installed, is visible in toolbar
  • Patient created, see Quick guide create/delete/edit patient

Perform tests

  1. Choose patient in the patient list
    1. If there are existing sessions on the patient, these will be visible in the Session list.
    2. Choosing sessions will show session preview if available and you can open the test report if available.
    3. Double-clicking the session will open the session in the equipment software.
  2. Click on the software tool that you want to use in the Toolbar. Perform tests on the selected patient.When you save a session it will automatically be saved to OtoAccess® Database
May 2019

Create/delete/edit patient

Create Patient

  1. Choose patient view.
  2. Click the create patient icon .
  3. Fill out patient information, note that fields marked with an arrow are mandatory. The unmarked fields and the remark fields are optional.
    Date can be filled out manually or by clicking the calendar button .
    By clicking the plus icon you can add a photo to the profile.
  4. When done press the save button .
  5. The patient has now been created.

Available patient fields

In the OtoAccess® Database administration tool you can set up what fields you want to make available, set as mandatory or even set up custom fields.

Delete/edit patient

Simply select the patient and choose delete or edit in the patient view.

When you choose delete you are prompted before deletion.

May 2019
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