New Micromedical Orion Rotary Chair

Interacoustics is excited about the release of a new reclining, rotary chair to evaluate bilateral peripheral vestibular weaknesses identified in caloric...


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Are you going to the XXX Bárány?

All the experts are going to the XXX Bárány Society Meeting in June! Are you? We are exited to be going to the big balance conference, XXX Bárány Society...


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New Viot Video Otoscope

Interacoustics is proud to announce the release of a new ViotTM video otoscope for sharp and high-resolution image and video capturing. The ergonomic...


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NEW! Sera DPOAE module

Interacoustics announces the addition of DPOAE to the SeraTM, newborn hearing screening device. The DPOAE algorithm is derived from the many years...


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Interacoustics turned 50 years

On August 26, Interacoustics turned 50. To mark the anniversary, they had invited all internal staff, and people from their worldwide distribution network...


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New OtoRead released

Interacoustics has announced the release of their new OtoReadTM handheld device. It combines comprehensive DPOAE and TEOAE testing and offers diagnostic...

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