Pressurized OAE as part of your clinical test battery

The first tympanometers in the 1950s were not able to compensate for negative middle ear pressure. This is no longer the case. Today, compensating for negative middle ear pressure is the clinical standard in all tympanometers. Imagine the same with your OAE device?

Interacoustics’ pressurized OAE compensates for the shift in peak compliance, allowing you to perform DPOAE and TEOAE tests despite of negative middle ear pressure (<100 daPa). The pressurized OAE measurement simply allows you to see what’s going on in the cochlea.

In fact, studies about pressurized OAE show a remarkable improvement in the amplitude of pressurized OAE at frequencies below 2 kHz. Particularly children with negative ear pressure can obtain a full and reliable measurement.


Titan can do the magic

Interacoustics’ Titan has made it possible to perform pressurized DPOAE and TEOAE tests in the everyday clinic setting. Titan combines tympanometry with screening and clinical OAE modalities and has the additional benefit of being able to perform pressurized OAE to compensate for the shift in peak compliance.

So, once you’ve used your Titan to assess middle ear status, for those children presenting with a type C tympanogram, Titan can compensate for this negative middle ear pressure during an OAE measurement.

In this way, there is no need to wait for a repeat appointment once the middle ear has returned to normal. It simply enables faster diagnosis and treatment.

Pressurized OAE is just one of the benefits of clinical OAE. Read more about how OAE can also be beneficial as a diagnostic tool or take a look at our comprehensive OAE guide.

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