Introducing Lyra - clinical OAE made simple

Lyra is now available for purchase! It is a PC-based and dedicated product for clinical OAE that provides fast and reliable DPOAE and TEOAE measurements, reducing test times to the benefit of clinicians and their patients.

When all you need is OAE

Lyra offers a flexible software suite, which enables detailed interpretation and analysis of test data. OtoAccess® compatibility and easy navigation ensure a simple workflow for the clinician, leaving more time for the patient.

Lyra utilizes Bayesian weighted averaging, which combats noise and reduces test times by up to 50%. Lyra’s automatic in-ear-stimulus calibration ensures an accurate stimulus level, and in turn accurate results.

According to Interacoustics’ OAE Specialist, Peter Bray, Ph.D.: “Lyra optimizes the way we measure OAEs, in line with Interacoustics’ dedication to deliver OAE instruments that are second to none.

Have the protocols your way

The IA OAE Suite includes a range of test protocols that suit most patient groups and test purposes. Protocols can be created or adjusted to suit specific clinical needs, and tools such as Lyra’s historic overlay make thorough clinical OAE assessments possible.

Portable yet powerful

Lyra can be connected via USB to your PC. Lyra is powered by the USB connection, eliminating the need for an external power supply. This ensures a small footprint and high portability. In addition, less time is needed for installation when moving between locations, including home visits.

Click here to learn more about Lyra.

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