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Upcoming training events

26 - 28 July. 2019 - Hilton Colombo, Sri Lanka

International master class: update on the diagnosis and current treatment of vestibular and ocular motor disorders, including nystagmus

Note: Venue is under evaluation

Dr. Michael Strupp
Tech. Med. Cristian Carriel
AUD. Darren Whelan
Michelle R. Petrak, Ph.D

This three-day course provides an update update on the diagnosis and current treatment of vestibular and ocular motor disorders, including nystagmus.

26 - 27 August. 2019 - Santiago, Chile

Master Class in Balance and Vertigo

Dr. Michael Strupp
Dr. Ana Carolina Binnetti
T.M. Cristian Carriel
T.M. José Luis Anabalón
11 - 12 October. 2019 - Westin, Las Vegas

Hearing technologies made smarter - Raising the bar in ABR, ASSR, OAE, WBT and Balance

Yvonne Sininger, Ph.D
Chris Sanford, Ph.D
David Speidel, MS FAAA
Laura Dreisbach, Ph.D, CCC-A
Sherrie Weller, MS

This course will present information on new and emerging technologies in evoked potentials, otoacoustic emissions and acoustic immittance that contribute to higher quality data and improved clinical efficiencies.

23 - 25 October. 2019 - Courtyard, Chicago

Comprehensive Guide to Administration and Interpretation of Vestibular Tests

Kamran Barin, Ph.D
Michelle R. Petrak, Ph.D

This course provides a comprehensive guide to the administration and interpretation of vestibular tests. VNG testing is covered during the first two days and the more advanced tests such as vHIT, VEMPs, rotation chair, etc. are covered on the third day.

Upcoming tradeshows


15-18 September, 2019 - New Orleans, USA


28-30 September, 2019 - Paris, France


16-18 October, 2019 - Nuremberg, Germany


31 Oct - 2 Nov, 2019 - Nuremberg, Germany


14-15 November, 2019 - Liverpool, United Kingdom
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