Middle Ear Analyzer & Audiometer

Middle Ear Analyzer & Audiometer

The AA222 is the most comprehensive combination of a diagnostic & clinical middle ear analyzer and diagnostic audiometer available. This makes the AA222 the obvious choice for any clinic with limited desk space, and for the mobile clinic.

  • 10” adjustable display & HDMI output
  • Air, bone & speech audiometry
  • Tympanometry, ipsi / contra reflexes and reflex decay
  • Direct printing to PC printers
  • User defined protocols
Interacoustics AA222

Dedicated probe systems

Includes either a diagnostic probe or a clinical probe system depending on your needs. You can choose to have both probe systems.

Customizable protocols

Create user-defined impedance test protocols by combining different tests from the test battery into one test flow and avoid wasting time with different client types.

Great test result overview

The 10" adjustable display provides a great overview of the measurements where several test results can be seen on the same screen. The screen can be tipped and adjusted to avoid light reflection.

Test batteries


  • Tymp 226Hz
  • Tymp 678, 800 & 1000Hz (h-license)
  • Manual tympanometry (h-license)
  • Ipsilateral Reflex
  • Contralateral Reflex
  • ETF 1 test non-perforated tympanic membrane
  • ETF 2 test perforated tympanic membrane
  • ETF 3 patulous tympanic membrane (h-license)
  • Releex decay
  • Manual latency (h-license)


  • Air & bone conduction
  • Stenger
  • ABLB
  • SISI
  • Modified Hughson-Westlake
  • Weber
  • Speech CD, wave files & live
  • QuickSIN (optional)
  • Binaural speech (optional)
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