What can a skull simulator be used for?

The skull simulator is a mechanism for checking bone anchored hearing devices in a Hearing Instrument Test (HIT) box.

Traditional HIT measurements are performed for air conduction hearing aids and do not provide the necessary stimulation or coupling mechanism required for a bone anchored hearing devices.

The skull simulator allows you to connect a bone anchored hearing device, e.g. Oticon Medical Ponto devices, to an accelerometer (skull simulator). This provides the correct coupling mechanism and vibratory stimulation that is required to test a bone anchored device within a HIT chamber.

Outcome measures are similar to those in air conduction HIT measurements and include; battery drain, frequency response, harmonic distortion, peak responses and equivalent noise input.

References and caveats
The skull simulator requires the Interacoustics Affinity instrument with HIT and SKS, licenses and hardware.

on 3月 2018
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