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Explore one of our E-learning courses and expand your knowledge in core topics in diagnostic audiology.
ABR course

CE-Chirp® simulation

Understanding of how the cochlea processes the CE Chirp® in comparison to the click and compares the ABR responses generated from the CE-Chirp® and the click.
ABR course

CE-Chirp® theoretical introduction

Theoretical principles as well as a measurement example of the CE-Chirp®.
ABR course

CE-Chirp® LS an introduction

Understanding of the CE-Chirp® LS and its differences compared to older CE-Chirp® stimuli.
ABR course

Narrow band CE-Chirp® family an introduction

Understanding of Narrow Band CE-Chirp® family.
ABR course

Baysian weighting

Understanding of Bayesian Weighting and its application and considerations in clinical practice.
Balance course

Caloric test theory and methodology

The course provides understanding of the anatomy involved in caloric measures, understanding of how to perform caloric measures and a basic understanding of normal versus abnormal caloric results.
Balance course

Video nystagmography an introduction

The course includes clinical applications of VNG, practical guide how to perform VNG and demonstrates normal vs. abnormal VNG results.
Balance course

Vestibular anatomy an introduction

This course provides basic understanding of vestibular anatomy and physiology and provides a knowledge-base with which to accurately evaluate patients with vestibular pathology.
Balance course

vHIT an introduction

This course gives understanding about vHIT and its clinical application as well as understanding features and benefits of EyeSeeCam.
Balance course

The caloric test interpretation an troubleshooting

The course provides an understanding of what tracings should look like if the patient has normal vestibular function or how they might look resulting from vestibular dysfunction and technical errors.
Hearing aid fitting course

VSPM an introduction

The course explains how to use Visible Speech Mapping for verifications and counseling and demonstrates how REM can be performed within 15 minutes.
Hearing aid fitting course

REM an introduction

The course explains the basics of Real Ear Measurements and benefits of performing it.
Hearing aid fitting course

Real ear to coupler differences

The course provides knowledge to understand, perform and interpret Real Ear to Coupler Difference (RECD) measurements.
Tympanometry course

Absorbance measures used in the clinical evaluation by Sree Aithal

With many clinical examples, Dr. Aithal explains how Wideband absorbance is used in the clinical evaluation of middle ear disorders.
Tympanometry course

WBT an introduction

This course provides understanding of what Wideband Tympanometry is and demonstrates the main features & benefits of Wideband Tympanometry.
Tympanometry course

WBT in depth

This course provides in depth understanding terminology related to Wideband Tympanometry and describes the benefits of Wideband Tympanometry.
Audiometry course

Introduction to audiology

This course covers three different sections to introduce you to the topic of audiology: 1. Anatomy & Physiology, 2. Assessment & Pathology, 3. Management of Audiological Disorders.
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