VN415 / VO425

Video Nystagmography provides ideal conditions for the observation, measurement and analysis of eye movements. It saves time, reduces costs and avoids the problems of myogenic and electrical noise.
  • Fast eye-tracking & real-time analysis
  • Automated 10 second calibration
  • Automated or manual analysis
  • Full field of view visual stimuli (VO425)
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This is a photo of the Spontanous test in the VNG software from Interacoustics

Vestibular analysis

The VN415 is designed for convenient computer aided analysis of positional and caloric tests. Rapid data transfer technology enables very high quality video and precise measurements with all results stored in the OtoAccess® database. The system also includes functions for printing reports and sharing data.
VN415 is a completely portable VNG system with no bulky equipment to get in the way. Start the software, place the goggles on the patient and you are ready to test.
Performs real time analysis with rapid data transfer (105Hz binocular, 174Hz monocular) which allows much more data to be analysed, giving very precise measurements.
VN415 is the standard VNG platform with standard protocols for Spontaneous Nystagmus, Bithermal Caloric, Positional and Dix-Hallpike testing.

DLB - Digital lightbar

The Interacoustics digital light bar (DLB) is offered as an option for your VNG system. The DLB functions as a portable alternative to the video projector or flat panel LCD screen, for generating the stimuli for oculomotor testing.

A DLB tripod allows portability, and enables both vertical and horizontal stimulus displays. The DLB’s height above the floor must be at the same level as the patient’s eyes, which is achieved by adjusting the height of the tripod to match the patient’s eye level.

This is a photo of the Step test in the VNG software from Interacoustics

Oculomotor and vestibular analysis

Our VO425 software module is designed for clinics that carry out detailed balance evaluations, containing all the features of the VN415 plus computer aided analysis of oculomotor tests.
VO425 offers the same test protocols as VN415 and additionally expands into oculomotor tests with standard protocols for Gaze, Saccade, Smooth Pursuit and Optokinetic testing.
Full field of view visual stimuli are software generated from your laptop or PC connected to a video projector or an LCD screen. The digital stimuli are ideal for both pediatric and adult populations and include a choice of several default and imported patterns.
The system produces highly accurate test results, but you can switch to manual edit mode in all tests to overrule the automatic analysis. In manual edit mode you can add or delete nystagmus marks, change slopes and define alternative areas of analysis.

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