Balance Quest


Essential & Functional systems

Force plates made for balance measurement and training

Effective systems to measure and train balance

Force plates use load cells to measure our application of pressure when standing on our feet. The base of the plate is either firm or compliant. Thus, force plates can provide us with precise measurements of postural control under different circumstances. Postural control is important for our physical mobility and our ability to perform in sports.
Young woman standing on small and firm force plate.

Portable Essential

Assess balance and limits of stability – how steady are we on our feet?
  • mCTSIB
  • Limits of stability
  • Weight bearing squat
  • Rhythmic weight shift
  • Unilateral stance

Portable Functional

Identify problem areas and target training to performance needed for daily activities and sports
  • Portable Essential
  • Sit to Stand
  • Step Up and Over
  • Step Quick Turn
  • Tandem Walk
  • Walk Across
  • Forward Lunge
Woman standing on a foam surface placed on top of a long force plate.
Young woman standing on small and firm force plate.

Bertec® Portable Essential

Customized physical therapy

Physical therapists can tailor balance measurement and training to the specific needs of their patients. You can choose between several measurements and flexible training menus with many options. In addition, you can alter parameters in real time to modify the physical therapy as needed.

Portable physical therapy

The force plate can be connected to laptop devices via USB. Supplemented by the force plate's compact design, Bertec® Portable Essential can be transported to any location, allowing for flexible balance assessment and training.

Balance testing

We use vision, proprioception and the vestibular system to maintain our balance. The force plate measures our ability to use these inputs, using a very sensitive force plate. The force plate uses either a firm or a foam surface to measure the weight distribution between the patient's feet and utilizes normative data to ensure evidence-based practice.
Small force plate, laptop and an upright foam surface.
Woman standing on a foam surface placed on top of a long force plate.

Bertec® Portable Functional

Contemporary solution

Building upon Bertec® Portable Essential, the Bertec® Portable Functional force plate is easily transported, fitted with a touchscreen laptop and a wireless remote.
Long force plate, wheeled computer stands, upright foam surface and steps.

Daily activity exercises

Bertec® Portable Functional is a longer yet portable device that allows for daily activity exercises. Physical therapists can improve their patients' ability to perform normal daily activities and sports, such as walking and running.

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