VRA201 with a toy frog inside and the AD528 audiometer.


VRA201 is a manually-controlled visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) tool and is a supplement to audiometers and traditional behavioral audiometry. It provides visual reinforcement for young children that are tested for their hearing levels. VRA201 is a valuable accessory for your audiometry setup and will make hearing testing more fun for your pediatric patients.
  • For use in infants and children from six months to six years of age
  • Establish lower and more accurate thresholds
  • Easily added to your current audiometry setup

What are the benefits of visual reinforcement audiometry?

With visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA), the behavioral procedure becomes more game-like, where the infant or child patient actively participates and is engaged to participate in the hearing test. This gives you more time to figure out the degree of their hearing loss. VRA is also a valuable tool when testing difficult-to-test children.

Hearing testing made rewarding

The hearing test is performed in a free field or under headphones and is supported by VRA201. VRA201 provides the visual stimulus, whereas the sound is presented with the audiometer. If the infant or child produces a correct response in line with the orientation of the auditory stimuli, the clinician pushes the response switch. This illuminates an animated toy located behind tinted plexiglass. This is used to reward the child for hearing the sound stimulus and participating in the test.

VRA testing yields better test results

By adding VRA201 to your setup for pediatric hearing testing, you will obtain more accurate thresholds and test results.

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