Event. TRV Workshop 2024

  • Date:
    02 February 2024
  • Location:
    Copenhagen, Denmark


Welcome to the registration site for Interacoustics TRV Workshop 2024, a comprehensive 2-day workshop on BPPV assessment and treatment.

The workshop will take place from February 2-3 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark at Glostrup Park Hotel.


Event description

The TRV Workshop will provide insights into relevant protocols for diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of BPPV subtypes. The content will alternate between lectures and patient cases, with the main emphasis on the latter and with frequent shifts to the TRV Chair to review the maneuvers in practice.

Patient cases have been selected to show as many subtypes of BPPV as possible. Each patient case is well documented with anamnesis, diagnostic procedures and rehabilitation including video- and test files.

The lectures are given by peers, all of whom have solid experience in diagnosing and treating BPPV, both with and without repositioning chairs. The TRV Workshop is for the clinician who wants to tap into the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of BPPV.

During the sessions, there will be time to network and meet with colleagues from all over the world.



  • TRV Workshop February 2-3 - EUR 750
  • Accommodation at Glostrup Park Hotel - EUR 135 pr. night

Dinner Friday at the hotel as well as coffee breaks and lunch are included in the fee.

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