Event. The Hearing Aid Patient Journey: Differentiating Your Services in Changing Times – 3 day course | Interacoustics

  • Date:
    10 July 2023
  • Location:
    Interacoustics, Minneapolis, US


This in-person, 3-day workshop walks you through the hearing aid patient journey. It will take a deep dive into the hearing provider/ patient experience. It includes case histories, subjective outcome measures, diagnostic testing, and real-ear measurements. There will be a focus on the validation and verification of features, including frequency lowering technologies, CROS/BiCROS fittings, OTCs, RECD, and HIT box measurements. You can expect interactive discussions and hands-on activities during which you will learn how to use the equipment to its maximum capabilities, leading to loyal and long-term patients. Workshop content will center on how to improve the satisfaction of the patient by identifying and optimizing the different concerns that affect the patient experience at each stage of the hearing aid fitting process.

Fee: $450, excluding hotel 

Presenters: Ashley Hughes, Au.D. and Leigh Martin, International Clinical Trainer, Interacoustics Academy

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