Event. Beyond the Basics REM: CROS / BiCROS verification eWorkshop - Session 1

  • Date:
    23 April 2024
  • Location:


This eWorkshop will demonstrate how to perform verification of CROS and BiCROS hearing instruments. This session will focus on which patient candidacy for CROS/BiCROS fittings, the benefits and advantages of CROS/BiCROS fittings over traditional devices, and how to utilise probe microphone measurements in order to fit and verify such fittings.

Learning objectives:
- Describe the patient groups that are suitable for CROS/BiCROS fittings
- Describe the benefits of CROS/BiCROS hearing aid fittings
- Explain how to perform probe microphone measurements for CROS/BiCROS fittings

Speakers: Amanda Goodhew, Michael East and Ashley Hughes

Speaker bios: Amanda holds a Master's degree in Audiology from the University of Southampton. She has extensive experience holding senior audiologist positions in numerous NHS hospitals and clinics, where her primary focus has been pediatric audiology. Michael is an Audiologist and Clinical Scientist from the UK with many years of experience working in senior clinical audiology positions within the National Health Service, specialising in both paediatrics and vestibular assessment/rehabilitation. Ashley works for Interacoustics US, and is the main point of contact for all audiometry, impedance, OAE, hearing aid fitting, and telehealth solutions.

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