Event. A Case-Study Approach to Clinical Assessment of Vestibular Function – 2 day course | Interacoustics

  • Date:
    13 July 2023
  • Location:
    University of Washington, Seattle, WA


This is a two-day course that starts with a brief overview of triage of dizzy patients, terminology, and a review of the vestibular tests necessary to understand the cases that will be presented. Presenters Kamran Barin, Ph.D. and Devin L. McCalin, Ph.D. have designed the course to be highly interactive. They will present patient case histories and guide attendees in sharing ideas and engaging in deciding which vestibular test or tests are the most appropriate for the patient.

Fee: $450 (includes lunch)

Presenters: Kamran Barin, Ph.D. and Devin L. McCalin, Ph.D.

Interacoustics - hearing and balance diagnosis and rehabilitation
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