Event. 2nd Annual Trends in Balance Virtual Course. Day 2: Rotational chair measures for adults and pediatrics

  • Date:
    28 September 2022
  • Location:


The Interacoustics Academy presents the 2nd Annual Trends in Balance Virtual Course, a three day course covering the latest advances and trends in the field of balance diagnostics and rehabilitation with contributions from leading experts around the world. To sign up for each day of the course, please follow the link above. This event is presented in English with closed captions and is free to join.

Day 2: This session will investigate the role of the rotational chair with the vestibular diagnostic process, focusing on the fundamentals of testing adults and will also explore the alterations and adjustments required to test the pediatric population in the rotational chair.

Presenters: Dr Chris Zalewski, PhD and Dr Violette Lavender, AuD

Interacoustics - hearing and balance diagnosis and rehabilitation
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