Can vHIT be used for triage?

I gather vHIT can be used as a screening tool before I send patients for further testing like VNG or VEMP. I am thinking of doing so but worried we may miss some early stage vestibular problems.

Answer: vHIT can be used as a screening tool, or perhaps a more appropriate term is ‘triage’. If you would like to learn more about vestibular triage please note this topic was raised in another thread here.  If you see an abnormality on vHIT then you can interpret the results to decide whether or not further testing is necessary, and what those tests might be. Very often they may involve VNG and VEMP, but equally there are audiological tests, the caloric and rotatory chair tests, and tests of otolith function other than VEMPs, such as SVV.  Therefore if used appropriately you should not miss signs of abnormalities.

February 2017
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