Training in VNG

The role of eye movements in measuring brain function

1 - 2 hours
19 September 2023


This course will emphasize the importance of utilizing a brain-based perspective when evaluating patients in the clinic. We will review basic brain functions, including feedback loops with sensory inputs, and cognitive screens to assess brain function. Utilizing this information, we will apply a brain-based perspective to interpretation of saccadometry and other oculomotor tests. We will also touch on the impact the cervical system has on our eye movements.


Learning Objectives

  • Describe basic brain functions and identify common cognitive screens.
  • Interpret saccadometry results in central disorders such as concussion.
  • Understand the importance of measuring vertical eye movements and incorporating cervical assessments.


Daniel Demian, DC, DACNB
Dr. Daniel Demian is a licensed chiropractor, co-founder of Venn Med and has been practicing functional neurology as a board-certified diplomate of the ACNB for several years.
Dr. Liz Fuemmeler
Dr. Liz Fuemmeler is a vestibular audiologist and Clinical Product Manager with Interacoustics.

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