Let your PC and audiometer interact

Everything you already know – but more effective. With a true hybrid from Interacoustics, you can change smoothly between PC and instrument without additional training to experience complete freedom with your preferred workflow.

3 reasons to select a true hybrid

  • 1.

    If you prefer to work directly on the audiometer, simply use the audiometer as a stand-alone with no PC connected.
  • 2.

    If you prefer to operate the audiometer completely from your PC, a true hybrid lets you do just that via the PC keyboard.
  • 3.

    Connect to your PC and run tests from the audiometer.

AC40 - High performance hybrid

The AC40 hybrid can be operated as a stand-alone or from your PC. It features preprogrammed and automatic testing with a large LCD screen to make testing easier. The AC40 comes standard with built-in free field amplifier.
  • Pediatric noise
  • QuickSINTM
  • TEN Test
  • Hearing loss simulation
  • Multi Frequency
  • MLD
  • Auto Bekesy
  • Auto HL
  • Stenger
  • SISI
  • MHA
  • Complex Mixing
AC40 hybrid audiometer

AD629 - A new standard in diagnostic audiometry

The AD629 is a true hybrid that empowers you with full control. Operate from PC or the audiometer itself – the choice (and freedom) is all yours.

The AD629 represents a simpler, more effective and more intuitive approach to basic, as well as advanced diagnostics.

AD629 hybrid audiometer

Familiar comfort – new benefits

The AD629 has the familiar feel of a stand- alone audiometer but offers features usually restricted to computer platforms. Besides full PC integration, you will get EMR integration, multiple data/patient storage, reporting tools and easy database integration.

Behind the good looks

The AD629 audiometer may be small enough for portable exibility, but it still conveys a highly professional image in any environment. Behind its good looks are PC-like functionality and a high speed internal processor that will make your diagnostics capabilities even stronger.

Crystal clear images

The audiometer provides all the necessary air, bone and masking features required to meet your daily challenges. The built-in high resolution color display offers crystal clear images for easy-to-read audiograms and dedicated test screens with multiple user options.
More is more
  • Easy combination of diagnostic data
  • EMR and 3rd Party integration
  • QuickSIN – A speech-in-noise test that quickly and easily measures the ability to hear in noise
David A. Geddes

"The hybrid interface is the way of the future"

Aud Audiology Supervisor, Health Partners, MN, USA David A. Geddes

AD226 - Stationary or portable hybrid

With the hybrid ad226 audiometer you can easily perform routine air and bone conduction threshold audiometry, but it also comes with multiple advanced features for other applications. With a weight of only 1.3kg it has excellent portability and is also ideal for limited office space.
AD226 hybrid audiometer

Titan - The best just got better

Combine the AD629 with the Titan from Interacoustics for full hybrid control and handheld freedom.

A flexible and modular platform offering impedance, automated ABR, DPOAE, TEOAE testing and Wideband Tympanometry.

As a hybrid, the Titan can be operated either handheld or from your PC and offers full clinical middle ear analysis with optional high frequency probe tones (678, 800 and 1000 Hz).
  • A fully diagnostic and clinical solution
  • Handheld or PC-controlled
  • High speed and high precision measurements
  • Flexible and customizable protocols and reports
  • Memory for 250 patients

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