Equinox - PC-based clinical audiometer from Interacoustics
Clinical PC-Based Audiometer

Equinox 2.0

A full clinical audiometer, which can be directly integrated with databases and electronic medical record systems.
Callisto - A diagnostic audiometer from Interacoustics
Diagnostic Audiometer


Portable PC-based system that can incl. both a diagnostic audiometer and a Real-Ear Measurement module incl. VSPM.
AA222 - A diagnostic audiometer from Interacoustics


Diagnostic Audiometer
AS608 - A screening audiometer from Interacoustics


Screening Audiometer
Viot - A video otoscope from Interacoustics


Video Otoscope
AC40 - A clinical and advanced audiometer from Interacoustics


Clinical Audiometer
AD629 - A diagnostic audiometer from Interacoustics


Diagnostic Audiometer
RAS - Remote Access Aadiometry from Interacoustics
Remote Access Aadiometry


The RAS provides a footprint that will comfortably fit into even the smallest test room while creating a professional appearance to make every patient at ease.

What is a Hybrid Audiometer?

Until recently, the options for buying audiometer instruments boiled down to either the more traditional Stand Alone or PC based options, but more recently, Interacoustics developed a new class of audiometers that offer the best of both worlds and coined the term ‘True Hybrid Audiometer’.
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