Affinity 2.0

A complete fitting solution

Fitting hearing aids is a client-centered process that starts with audiometry and ends with a satisfied client. That is why the Affinity 2.0 is the perfect solution for achieving this goal.

Built for the future

As new hearing aid technologies evolve – so will the Affinity 2.0. The modules will be upgraded as new stimuli or other advanced techniques become available. All associated client records are stored through Noah or through the Interacoustics OtoAccess database. Both systems are networkable. The software concept allows you to include other Interacoustics modules within the same suite, e.g. VIOT video otoscopy.
A Visible Speech Mapping module is available with the Affinity 2.0 to assist you in educating clients and family members about the complexities of hearing aid amplification and the benefits they will receive. Likewise, the Hearing Loss Simulation (HLS440) and Master Hearing Aid (MHA440) modules engage clients and relatives in the tting process which is especially important in establishing the trust and con dence of first-time users.
The Affnity 2.0 permits personalized test configurations to match your clinical needs. The user defined protocols are saved under a unique name for easy recall via a drop down menu. This enables multiple users to make test selections that are suitable for their own applications. Larger clinics or dispensing facilities will find this useful as the protocols can be downloaded and transferred to sites over the internet.
Dedicated Keyboard

Dedicated Keyboard

The AC440 module has an optional dedicated audiometric keyboard to aid in the transition from stand alone audiometers to PC based. Function keys may be customized to speed up your test time.

Mix and match modules

Customize your Affinity 2.0 through dedicated software modules to create your personal combination for Audiometry, REM, HIT, and Visible Speech Mapping. The Affnity 2.0 combines easy to use hardware and software interfaces controlled from your computer. Mixing and matching the modules as you need them provides additional flexibility – customized to your needs.
Affinity 2.0 software modules


Audiometry module for advanced diagnostic testing in a simple and user-friendly layout.
  • Customizable test setups, printouts and report templates
  • Visual and auditory counseling tools (Speech Banana, Hearing Loss Simulator, Master Hearing Aid)
  • Digitized word lists from your PC harddrive
  • Audiogram historical comparison overlay
  • High Frequency Audiometry
  • Masking Help
  • TEN test
  • Customizable counseling overlays
  • QuickSIN™ (optional)


Hearing Instrument Testing allows for technical verification of hearing instruments.
  • Frequency Range: 100 – 10.000 Hz
  • Built-in test sequences based on IEC and ANSI standards
  • Test sessions can be saved and recalled later for direct comparison
  • Compatibility with TBS25
  • Battery Current Drain
  • Coil Frequency Response
  • Coil Harmonic Distortion
  • Coil Full-On Gain Response


Real-Ear Measurement is an essential verification tool ensuring precise hearing aid fittings.
  • Visible Speech Mapping with percentile analysis
  • Multiple speech stimuli, in several languages, including ISTS and Live Voice
  • On Top mode for hearing aid fittings
  • NAL-NL2 and DSLv5
  • Open fit capable
  • Directionality testing
  • Switch between HL and SPL views
  • Coupler Base option for Coupler Based Verification
  • Binaural REM
  • Compatible with AutoFit, REMfit and EXPRESSfit


Help the hearing aid user to absorb and understand what they need to know and make the fitting process a positive experience.

Visible Speech Mapping combines counseling with real-ear measurements and helps to visually explain the features, benefits and performance of hearing aids.

Counseling is an essential part of the client centered hearing aid fitting process. This is where Visible Speech Mapping plays a vital role, as it engages the client with dynamic, graphic examples next to the real-ear measurement information. This is why Visible Speech Mapping is becoming more and more popular with hearing healthcare professionals and their clients.

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SKS10 Skull Simulator

A Skull Simulator is a coupler which simulates the mechanical impedance of the head when a bone anchored sound processor is attached to it. The SKS10 converts the vibrations from the bone anchored sound processor into electrical signals, similar to the way that a standard hearing aid coupler/coupler microphone converts sound waves into electrical signals.
  • Absence of outer and / or middle ear
  • Severe chronic middle or external ear infections
  • Conductive hearing losses
  • Single Sided Deafness: where one ear is severely impaired/hearing loss
  • Battery voltage
  • Current consumption
  • Average battery lifetime
  • Frequency range
  • Peak OFL at 90, 60 and 50 dB SPL input
  • Total harmonic distortion (TDH60)
  • Equivalent input noise
  • Processing delay

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Add the TBS25 testbox

TBS25 is a dedicated test chamber with exceptional performance and signal reproduction.

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Smooth transfer of patient information and results to most EMR/EHR systems and database storage.

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Sanibel supply disposables

Diagnostic Suite

Increase patient satisfaction and clinical efficiency with the best solution for audiologic diagnostics and hearing aid fitting for your PC.

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B81 and B71

Compatible with all headbands as well as high-quality cables. The industrial standard of audiometric bone conduction testing. (B71 is optional).
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