Wideband tympanometry

A 3D dimension in middle ear diagnostics for easy and very reliable middle ear evaluations of infants, children and adults.

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CE-Chirp® stimulus family

Developed following many years of extensive human studies by numerous researchers. The studies determined the delay model that had the best match for the average human cochlea; the outcome being the innovative CE-Chirp®.

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Hybrid audiometers

3 convincing reasons to choose a true hybrid and experience complete freedom by choosing your preferred workflow with standalone and PC audiometry from one device.

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Online Training

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Smooth transfer of patient information and results to most EMR/EHR systems


Diagnostic Suite

The best solution for audiologic diagnostics and hearing aid fitting for your PC


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VIOT™ - Video Otoscopy

Otoscopy is a fundamental practice prior to any audiological evaluation and it may determine alternative strategies during the patient's examination.