Pediatric audiometer

Designed for trained healthcare professionals involved in testing young children.


Typically, two PA5s are used for the COR test, one in each hand. This allows the tester to use either unit to evoke head turn and provide visual reinforcement. The single-handed controls on the PA5 give full control over frequency and intensity and make the test process quick, flexible and comfortable
The two stimuli, light and sound, are controlled silent buttons. Both stimuli can be presented simultaneously by letting one finger touch both buttons. This gives full freedom in operating COR, VRA and APR tests.
The PA5 includes white noise as well as warble and narrow band stimuli. White noise has been shown to be especially useful for evoking responses in the early months.
  • APR

    Auropalpebral Reflex
  • COR

    Conditioned Orientation Response
  • VRA

    Visual Reinforcement Audiometry

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AS608 audiometerAS608 audiometer
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The AS608 audiometer is ideal for schools, industry and primary medical practices or wherever quick hearing screening evaluations are performed.
The PA5 audiometer is powered by three standard AA batteries. To save battery life it will turn off automatically after a period of inactivity and reactivate when a stimulation switch is touched again.
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