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New Micromedical Orion Rotary Chair for enhanced vestibular assessment


Interacoustics is excited about the release of a new reclining, rotary chair to evaluate bilateral peripheral vestibular weaknesses identified in caloric and vHIT testing.

The Orion Rotary Chair covers frequencies from .001 Hz and 0.64 Hz and provides frequency specific information and controlled stimulus for accurate assessments when the caloric test shows a weakness at the very low non-physiological frequency of 0.004 Hz.

Michelle Petrak, Ph. D and Director of Clinical Audiology at Interacoustics says:
"Rotational chair testing is more sensitive to bilateral vestibular losses than caloric testing alone. It is the gold standard test for the assessment of patients with a compensated unilateral lesion or bilateral vestibular lesions, for instance ototoxic damage."

Full test battery

The chair functions with the recently updated Micromedical VisualEyesTM 515/525 VNG software for a comprehensive evaluation of the vestibular system.

The test battery includes the Step Rotation (Step), Sinusoidal Harmonic Acceleration (SHA), VOR Suppression, Visual VOR and VNG protocols.

Space-saving design

The chair allows you to carry out all tests in a minimum of space. In addition to rotation tests, it reclines precisely to 30 degrees for caloric testing with easy access to both ears. It also reclines completely to act as an exam table for positional and Dix-Hallpike tests.

The electronic lock mechanism ensures that the chair remains locked and secure during positioning, positional and caloric testing. The adjustable head rest makes the chair suitable for patients of various heights, including children.

At the same time, Interacoustics introduces several USB cameras for precise eye tracking.

The customers can now choose between binocular goggles with side-mounted or top-mounted cameras and monocular goggles with front-mounted cameras.

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