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Working at Interacoustics means being part of one of the world leaders in our field. We are a large high tech organization with a stimulating and rewarding work environment. Forward-thinking workers will find a range of opportunities open to them. It is important for us to have our ideas challenged, in order to continue to grow as a company. If you have talent and a passion, Interacoustics may well be the place for you to develop your career ambitions.

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International workers

We are an expanding company with strong global links, and we are keen to continue to attract international workers to our organization. Your mother tongue does not matter to us as long as you have the right skills and attitude. When relocating to Denmark, you will find that there is good support from a number of sources for internationals and also their partners and families.
Workindenmark is a public employment service which provides very valuable support for internationals to establish and settle into professional and private life in Denmark. They also run a very helpful Spouse Programme.
For more information, visit workindenmark.dk.
Middelfart Kommune has its own Settlement Consultant whose role is to facilitate transition to life in Denmark. You are welcome to contact her even at an early stage of initially considering a move to a position in Interacoustics.
For more information, contact Anne Marie Klausen.
Work-live-stay is an organization set up to promote employment opportunities in the Southern Denmark region.
For more information, visit work-live-stay.dk.

Great new headquarters

We moved into our new headquarters in June 2015. The impressive state-of-the-art building has been planned with great care and attention to the changing needs of our company. And a fantastic work environment has indeed been created. The office space is open plan to enable good communication and teamwork, and 'creative' spaces throughout the building are designed to encourage inspiration and innovation. Our clinic rooms are a great asset as they provide a very realistic clinical environment for staff to conduct real-life equipment testing.

But I don’t speak Danish!

Not being able to speak Danish can be a concern to people thinking of moving to Denmark. But this is really not a problem. Most Danes have excellent English skills and there is also support available for learning Danish, including free courses provided by the government.
All staff in Interacoustics speak English and it is common practice for our business both within and outwith the building to be conducted in English when required. If you wish to have a chat with one of our current international workers or to enquire about job opportunities, please write an email with your enquireries to our HR and Finance Director at, johp@interacoustics.com.

Open communication

Our flat organizational structure enables an inclusive culture where all staff are able to contribute ideas. Maintaining open communication channels is important to us, along with welcoming feedback, in order to improve in all we do.
As we operate on a very global platform, our working environment has a very international ‘feel’ to it. We are in daily communication with people throughout the world: customers, distributors, clinicians, sales teams. And our international workers bring a diversity and array of new skills to the company. The mother tongue of our employees is not important – it is their professional abilities that we are interested in.

Staff wellbeing

Interacoustics is concerned with both the professional and personal development of its employees. In this connection, we pay attention to the general health and wellbeing of staff. We have a fantastic canteen which serves an array of high-quality lunches every day, and we have an on-site fitness room. Furthermore, Interacoustics supports local running competitions, such as Eventyrløbet and the Lillebælt half marathon. We have an occasional Friday cafe-bar, and the annual Christmas party and summer events are both very popular. Our staff club also arranges a number of other social activities throughout the year.

What are we looking for in you?

If we are to continue to progress as a company with a winning culture, it is important that we are able to recruit and retain quality staff. We need people with the right skills and qualifications on board. But we place equal importance on our staff being:
  • Highly motivated, with a passion to impart and acquire knowledge
  • Taking a pride in what you do
  • Great team player
  • Open to new ideas and new ways to improve
We need skilled staff with the right work attitude and personality to be part of our journey.

Saeed Davoudabadi Farahani

I really like working at Interacoustics where I have the opportunity of combining my skills and qualifications in an interesting job. Of course, there are some cultural differences between worklife in Denmark and Iran such as communication structures. However, the nice people here have been very friendly and helped me to integrate into the company and my new position. Outside of work, I like to go fly fishing and enjoy the amazing nature and environment around Fyn and Middelfart.
Saeed works as a R&D Mechanical Engineer, and has a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Aalborg University. He also has a Bachelor and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Solid/Applied Mechanics. After couple of years working as a mechanical design engineer in Teheran, Iran, he came to Denmark in 2010 to do his Ph.D.

Technical Support

For product and technical support, please contact our distributor in your local area.

PR & Corporate Communications

Att: Charlotte Ellemose Sonne
  • (+45) 6371 3651
  • chso@interacoustics.com

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