Interacoustics is founded in Assens selling deaf school equipment.


The first impedance audiometer, AZ2, is developed and introduced.


We launch our first hearing aid fitting equipment, MS20.


We introduce a new clinical audiometer AC40 building on our long tradition of audiometry.


We present our state-of-the art ABR system Eclipse.


We introduce the revolutionary wideband tympanometry for our Titan.

From humble beginnings...

Interacoustics was founded in 1967 when the Dane Pierre Honoré and Michael Davis from New York set up a business producing and selling hearing equipment for the deaf students. Soon, the deaf school equipment made way for audiometers and in the 1970s the first impedance system was developed.
The entrepreneurial spirit that characterized our company in its younger days has now transformed into modern development procedures and production tools with a key focus on innovation and dynamic thinking. In this way, we have evolved from a small player into an industry leader.

...to new, modern headquarters

The company started out at modest premises in Assens, Denmark. Just five years later, we moved to a larger base in an old farm, Bangsgården, outside the town. By 1978, we had outgrown these premises too, and built a new head office at Drejervænget in Assens. Over the following 20 years, our production grew and we continued to expand our facilities.
In 2015, we moved into new headquarters in Middelfart, thereby laying the foundation for another 50 years of successful evolution.

Worldwide hearing care

From the beginning it was clear that our success would be dependent on developing international markets. Through dedicated distributors, we expanded our business across borders from Europe to the USA, South America and Asia.

With our current 25 sales companies and extensive network of 100 plus distributors worldwide, we are indeed a global business. Each day, we ship our products to all corners of the world, to support audiologists and doctors in the assessment and diagnosis of their patients.
The audiometer
A cornerstone of our company

In 1969, we manufactured and sold our first audiometer. Since then, audiometry has been the cornerstone of our business.

In fact, the audiometer is today, still one of our best-selling products.

AD5: 1969
DA111: 1972
TA155: 1972
AD17: 1976
AS7: 1977
AC4: 1979
AC30: 1987
AD25: 1990
AC40: 1994
AD229: 2000


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