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How to keep the noise down and make your OAE testing time more efficient!

How to keep the noise down and make your OAE testing time more efficient!
The emissions produced by human hair cells are so small that OAE recording instruments have to amplify them thousands of times before the response can be measured. Unfortunately, every noise created by the patient, or by external sources is also amplified.
It is therefore crucial that you keep noise levels as low as possible when recording OAEs.

Simple practical hints to reduce noise and ensure successful OAE testing

Reduce environmental noise:
  • Use a sound booth. If this is not possible, choose a quiet location and close doors and windows 
  • Turn off other electrical equipment in the room (eg. ventilator system)
  • Turn the patient away so that the test ear faces away from the equipment
  • Ensure a good probe seal
Reduce patient noise:
  • Instruct the patient to be as still and quiet as possible during recording (no chewing and jaw movements)
  • Test babies when sleepy or asleep
  • Make sure to place the probe cable carefully so it does not rub against the body or clothes.

Learn more about best practices for OAE recordings in this quick guide 

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