Next level tympanometry

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AT235 - Next level tympanometry

Diagnostic & clinical tympanometry with basic audiometry

Few dedicated buttons on the AT235 make it easy to navigate between various functions. Function buttons with changing help texts on the screen guide you to navigate e ciently.

The 10" adjustable display provides a great overview of measurements, and test results are presented sharp and clear. The screen can be tilted and adjusted to avoid light reflection. The built-in HDMI output makes it possible to connect to a projector or TV.
AT235 offers the possibility to create user-defined test protocols by combining different tests from the test battery into one test flow. For instance you can create a simple screening procedure and a more in-depth evaluation.
Avoid wasting time with different client types as each test protocol can have separate test limits to meet the need of a specific client types.
  • Tymp 226Hz
  • Reflex Ipsilateral
  • Reflex Contralateral
  • ETF 1 test non-perforated tympanic membrane
  • ETF 2 test perforated tympanic membrane
  • Reflex Decay
  • Pure tone audiometry
  • Modified Hughson-Westlake audiometry test
  • Tymp 678, 800 & 1000Hz (Extended version)
  • Manual tympanometry (Extended version)
  • ETF 3 patulous tympanic membrane (Extended version)
  • Reflex Latency (Extended version)

Dedicated probe systems

The diagnostic probe is hand-held and ideal for quick tympanograms and a screening reflex.
The clinical probe is ideal for more lengthy assessments where stability is important and any interference from extraneous noise should be avoided.
You can choose to have both probe systems included with your AT235. It is quick and easy to change between the two probe systems. The clinical probe shoulder box can be placed on the client by using the optional headband, clips or key hanger.

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OtoAccessTM compatible

Transfer of patient information and results to EMR/EHR.


AD629 audiometerAD629 audiometer
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The AT235 and AD629 is a perfect combination for superior tympanometry combined with professional audiometry.
Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas and product specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Please contact us to find out more.
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VIOT™ - Video Otoscopy

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