Event. Advances in pediatric hearing assessment - Session 2

  • Date:
    18 June 2024
  • Location:


The assessment of hearing levels in the pediatric population can be achieved with a range of both objective and subjective assessment techniques. Understanding how and when to use these techniques, and where they should be combined or compared is essential to allow for flexible and scientifically sound assessments. This session will explore the diagnostic toolbox available for newborn hearing assessment and discuss the many factors which should be considered in test selection and interpretation.


Learning objectives:

  • Summarize the range of tools and techniques available for newborn hearing assessments.
  • Explain how assessment techniques differ and can be combined and contrasted to improve assessment quality.
  • Discuss why differences in conclusion may exist between different assessment techniques and how to critically evaluate these findings.



Amanda Goodhew and Michael East

Amanda holds a Master's degree in Audiology from the University of Southampton. She has extensive experience holding senior audiologist positions in numerous NHS hospitals and clinics, where her primary focus has been pediatric audiology.

Michael is an Audiologist and Clinical Scientist from the UK with many years of experience working in senior clinical audiology positions within the National Health Service, specialising in both paediatrics and vestibular assessment/rehabilitation.

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